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BatIM: Jeffrey the Albino Bat
*… just to jump ahead on the jokes*

 Even though Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine is only a month away & I know they already got the new characters set; but it doesn't stop me nor anyone else imagine what the new characters are going to be like (since thank goodness for no spoilers).

Everyone has already made some drawings on a female character, mostly be the Minnie Mouse to Bendy's Mickey; so instead of going that route, I made a character that is the Donald Duck of Bendy's friends.

Like I said, I don't know if theMeatly already made a Donald Duck-equse character for the game, but it doesn't hurt to picture one.

 Now onto the character!

This is Jeffrey the Albino Bat. I chose a bat over a bird because it's rare to see inkblot toon bats (and vultures & ravens are too over-rated), and I made him white to make him unique from the cartoon bats most often seen in Horror themed shorts.

In contrast to Donald Duck's sailor suit, Jeffrey wears a WW1 Air Force uniform; And instead of talking in a squeaky voice like how Donald talks in "Ducklish"(duck + English) Jeffrey speaks in a stereotypical Transylvanian accent with a lisp (like someone trying to talk like a vampire with cheap fake fangs).

*So he talks like, "I vould like to drlink shome sharshparilla." *

But like Donald, Jeffrey has his hissy fits, and then he squeaks like an actual bat (more it sounds like it because his voice becomes so high & fast, it sounds like he's squeaking).

To go with the old saying "blind as a bat," Jeffrey actually has beady little eyes when he's not wearing his goggles & has poor eye sight, causing him to bump into things & confuse people and objects for something/someone else. (and his name is based on the saying "bats in the belfry", Belfry & Jeffrey rhyme).

 I even drew a small image of Bendy, Boris, and Jeffrey together to see what they look as a trio (I hope Jeffrey doesn't stick out like a sore thumb ^^; ).


Bendy & Boris belong to theMeatly
Jeffrey & drawing made by me.
 Before I get to the (somewhat) review on this new game by the same company that gave up "Meat Boy"; here are my brief thoughts about the other Horror themed games that are getting fanbases as big as FNaF.

*Undertale- Sorry, not my cup of tea.
*Tattletale- Meh. Furbies never scared me (FYI there's a thing called an "off switch" if you want your Furby to shut up) & the game has plot holes that are big enough to tare down a whole house.
*Hello Neighbor- Yawn I've seen the whole "paranoia secretive/super-natural/killer next door neighbor" theme too many times already. And I can't take the "evil" neighbor seriously since he looks like Buzz Lightyear's prissy uncle.

Now for the main course!

*Bendy and the Ink Machine- This is defiantly up my alley!:nod: Old school cartoons & gripping dark mysteries!POpCorn revamp 
It's only at Chapter 1 (with Chapter 2 on the way next month), yet it's already a big hit the web & has merchandise (sadly, it's only T-Shirts, clocks, and cups so far).
I already want to have a Bendy plushie. Just look at this face :3!Bendy And The Ink Machine - Bendy Icon 
I don't know if anybody at MeatBoy games used to work on the "Epic Mickey" series, but the game looks like it borrowed some of the scrapped & dark ideas that didn't make the cut, and people had already made parallels of Bendy & Borris (that's him ->Bendy And The Ink Machine - Boris Icon ) to the retro versions of Mickey Mouse & Goofy.

 Hate to be like the same who made theories of "(favorite antagonist) is actually a good guy," but in this game I believe it might be true.
I don't think the plot of game is about some toon coming to life & go on a killing spree *cough* Cool World anyone? *cough*;
It's about a demented cartoonist who tried to play God by bringing his characters to life, but after he succeeded it, he now wants to be a toon himself & forever immortal. Even if it means using old black magic & sacrificing parts of his characters in order to do so.
Many people think that this monstrosityBatIM - Demonic Inked Bendy Idle BatIM - Demonic Inked Bendy Icon is Bendy all corrupted (I've seen the fanart), but I don't think so. I've paused a "Let's Play" video multiple times, and this thing looks way too tall & human shaped to look like the titular character. And the face is too asymmetrical, like it was just placed on.
That monster I believe is Bendy's insane creator, Joey Drew!....He finally became a toon with body parts he took from his own creations!

*Sorry, if I'm scarring you ^^; *

 As for Chapter 2, there is no doubt about it that they will introduced more characters into the story....but the catch is the characters are probably dead like Borris.
Since Bendy & Borris are an imp & a wolf (respectively), characters back in the early years of cartoons that are often portrayed as antagonists; the other characters will most likely be bats, rats, and monsters (those who were also portrayed as villains in the old cartoons).

And if they are going with Classic Toon Gang trope, the new characters would fill in the spot to make the "family" complete.
They already have the short peppy mischievous star character (Bendy), and the tall dimwitted but loyal friend (Borris).
What they are missing are:
The grouchy and/or unlucky friend
The cute & silly pet
The feminine-clone girlfriend
And the big bully
Three of them I think are in those coffins at the end of Chapter One :paranoid:...
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