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July 5, 2013
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And These Little Piggies Starred in a Meme by KessieLou And These Little Piggies Starred in a Meme by KessieLou
I'm not a big fan of pigs, but it doesn't mean I don't like them. In fact, I find pigs very cute (except for the boars, giant hogs, and warthogs), including the some of the fictional ones.

#10.) The Three Little Pigs: How can they not be on the meme? No matter which generation, we can't deny they used to be and always the bomb-digity in your early grade school years.
However, the reason why they are at number 10 is because it depends on which versions of the pigs one likes the best.

My personal favorite adaptations of the Three Pigs are the Disney ones (Practical, Fifer, and Fiddler), the Swedish pigs from the Shrek franchise (Hay, Sticks, & Bricks), their sons from Ever After High, the anime ones from the Tales of Magic series & Mandarin, and the Fairy Tale Theater version.

#09.) The Piggies from "Home on the Range": "Home on the Range" may not be one of my most favorite Disney movies, but you gotta admit, those little piglets are so cute!^^

#08.) Porky Pig: *does an impression of Porky* N-Not adding him on the meme would be des-des-despi-uh-uh- a crime.
Though I can't say the same thing about his successors.:paranoid:

#07.) Henwen from "The Black Cauldron": From Disney's herd of "black-sheep" films (like "Chicken Little" and the Love Bug sequels), comes a character from the film that is iconic as the Horned King, Henwen the fortune-telling pig.
Ashamed that she wasn't in the movie much (it would've been more deep if it was Henwen that was self-sacrificed to the Cauldron instead of Gurgi).

#06.) Orson from the Orson's Farm sketches from "Garfield and Friends": Never expected a pig to be the leader of the barn animals. It's usually the rooster, the bull, the turkey, or the hound dog that is the leader in these farm-themed cartoons, but Orson sure proved us that a pig is more than just the "dumb" glutton of the barn.
And he's much smarter than a dog.

#05.) Abner from "Hey Arnold": Sure Abner is a pig who behaves and thinks he's a dog, but he is a very special pet to Arnold because was a wedding present for his parents, and basically Abner is the closest thing Arnold has a memento of them since he was just a baby when they left him.

#04.) Tepig & Spoink from "Pokemon": The two most popular pig-related Pokemon. But can you blame them for being so cute?^^

#03.) Piglet from "Winnie the Pooh": He may be small and timid, but Piglet has such a big heart and will face his fears to saves his friends.:heart: Why'd you think I added him on the meme of one the cutest characters?

#02.) P-Chan from "Ranma 1/2": When Ryoga Hibiki fell into Spring of Drowned Black Piglet, he becomes this adorable little porker whenever he gets splashed with cold water.^^
Although Akane is oblivious to see that Ryoga and her pet piglet P-Chan are indeed the same person (even when transforming in plain sight, she still doesn't get that her pet is also Ranma's frienemy); But than again, P-Chan's cuteness is just as strong as Ryoga's powers, he can fool anyone.

Ryoga may not have gotten Akane, but thanks to his P-Chan side, he eventually won a girlfriend in Akari Unryo.^^

#01.) (tie) Wilbur (from Charlotte's Web) & Babe: If there were pigs that make me feel guilty about eating ham & bacon, it's these two. Both Wilbur and Babe are terrified for the fact that their kind serves no purpose on the farm but to become food on the table.:( And thanks to their kindred spirits and sympathy they make us wish they wouldn't turn into the farmer's next meal.
Thanks to help of their friends, both big and small, they did succeed to prove their farmers that they are more worthy than be in the oven and frying pan.

Honorable mentions:
Katsunishiki (Ranma 1/2)
Tokyo Pig (even though the animation in that anime is awful, but the pig is cute)
Petunia & Priscilla Pig (Porky's wife and daughter)
Hamm (Toy Story)
Spider-Pig/Harry Plopper (The Simpsons Movie)
Miss Piggy

Blank version:

Pig characters belong to Disney, Warner Bros., E.B. White, and more.
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RedneckDoUrden Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
Lloyd Alexander's Prydain novels were the books that the Disney version of he Black Cauldron (Which changes way too much!) is based upon, and I highly recommend them.

As for the pigs, I'd add Gordy, from the self-same movie, in there someplace.
PrincessKatieForever Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Don't forget to add Pig and Arnold (from Kipper), and Wibbly Pig (and his pig buddies/siblings) Honorable mentions.
Great list. Mine would probably be the same lol. :D
kittypet123 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013   Digital Artist
babe <33 oh the feels.
KessieLou Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
misskermie Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I was going to freak out...
But I saw that Miss Piggy was an honorable mention. =P
hershey990 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
4. what about Grumpig?
MightyMorphinPower4 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013
Nice picks
Fawnadeer Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Student Filmographer
I loove Porky,and tepig but its evolutions are a bit strange...
KessieLou Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know.
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