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October 7, 2013
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Kessie's Top 10 Favorite Monsters by KessieLou Kessie's Top 10 Favorite Monsters by KessieLou
It wouldn't be Halloween without monsters, right?
I might have mentioned some in my "Top 20 Mythical Creatures" meme, but there were so many that I left out.
So to make-up for the ones I forgot, I added them here on the meme (plus honorable mentions)

#10.) Kahlidahs (from the Oz series): Don't let the image on the meme fool you, that's not what the beasts looked like /described in the book, and this was the only image I can find of them.-_-'
For those who grew up watching the classic 1930 film, remember the famous "Lions, and Tigers, and Bears" quote?
Well, here's the tigers & bears at live in the same forest as the Cowardly Lion.

In the original book (and what I referenced in my Darkwing Duck "Wizard of Oz" fanfic), the Kahlidahs are animals that have heads of Siberian tigers, body of grizzly bears, long tusks like Saber-tooth tigers/Clouded leopards, horns of a ram, and a long skinny snake-like tail.
And in most adaptations (like the classic film), it's said that the Kahlidahs were too scary for the younger readers. Which is quite a shame because the Kahlidahs played an important part that shows the Lion's inner bravery that he thought he didn't have.

#09.) Mothman: Think that Killer Moth is a weak DC villain? It won't be a laughing matter when you find out that this guy is a possible inspiration for KM.
Try to imagine a 5-6 feet tall moth with pierce glowing eyes, and shredder-like teeth swooping down to you and tear you limbs from limb like how regular moths do with a wool sweater.O_O

#08.) The Lizardman: I do have a feeling that the mystery of Bigfoot/Sasquatch is over-shadowing the other monsters that were originated in the US.
This isn't just a famous side-show performer (with a full-body tattoo and split tongue), or a comic villain, the Lizardman is indeed an urban legend here.
Looking at the scaly anthro-monster's origin/story it would've been a good plot inspiration for certain purple lizard-monster that got trapped in the human world at the end of the first film.:paranoid::idea:

#07.) The Basilisk: Believe it or not, in some legends they said the Basilisk is described as a dragon with a rooster-head and dinosaur-like features.
Though I rather go with the snake Basilisk over that one, because a giant killer snake is a lot more frightening (and it looks like an another monster that is on this meme).
Don't forget the one in Harry Potter 2 "The Chamber of Secrets" (the eerie voice still gives me the shivers! :fear: )

#06.) Cockatrice: The idea of a half chicken/half reptile monster may sound ridiculous (or "ridonculous" as what they say, serious? :? ), but once you come face-to-face with a Cockatrice, you'll change your mind.
That is, if you're still alive and not turned into stone after encountering it......

#05.) Banshee: Other than Nessie, the Banshee is also a famous figure that originated from ancestral roots.
She proves that the only thing scarier than a monster noise is a loud scream that can be heard for miles.
But other than her screaming ability (and the way she disguises herself as a young maiden to lure desperate men to her so she can kill them), the Banshee is also famous for being a death-bringer.
They say that if one catches a glimpse of the Banshee washing clothes in the creek, and if the clothes she was washing and pulling out happen to be (or at least look like) your clothes, it means you're the next one to die and she'll get you!

#04.) Karkadann (car-ka-dawn): Meaning "Lord of the Desert," the Karkadanns are mostly known to lurk in the dry grassy plains of India and Persia.
With their rhino and armadillo-like appearances, they make excellent body-guards for anyone or anything they devoted their lives to.
Like most male anthropomorphic monsters, the male Karkadanns are subdued when it comes to virgins (as in "untouched" human women), which makes a whole lot of sense why in some adaptations of "Beauty and the Beast" the Beast is portrayed as a Karkadann.
The Karkadann is also famous for it's one unique feature that all rhinos are famous for, it's horn. Except the horn isn't just made of ivory, the filed dust/sweat-drop of the horn contains a rare antidote that can curse any disease and heal wounds.
So that make the Karkadanns be both the body-guards and paramedics of the mythical creatures.

#03.) Wendigo: Another under-rated (or at least under-rated compare to Bigfoot) legendary monster from America.
The tale of this beast has been known way back in the days when the Natives rule the land before immigration. Some are different from the other, but the one thing they have in common is that the Wendigo is a full-fledged cannibal.O_O
One legend said that a starving deer couldn't find one spec of plant-life, so it eventually ended up eating a carcass of a fellow deer that was recently shot. After that, the deer started to transform into a hideous half deer-half human zombie.
Than it started to feast on the blood, bone, and flesh of human villagers that cross it's path at night. After one of the surviving villagers managed to kill the Wendigo, it wasn't the end of it.
They say that it's ghost haunts the lonely and uncharted lands of the forests, waiting to posses any starving human and turns them into cannibals.
So whatever you do when you're on a camping trip, make sure that you bring plenty of food for everyone, and stay away from drinking alcohol or smoking drugs in the forest; Because any signs of cabin-fever, starvation illusions, or hang-overs will lure the Wendigo and posses your body!

#02.) Bunyip: I may have already put the Bunyip on the meme of favorite mythical creatures, but it I can't deny that it's still a monster.
What's scary about it is that it's a monster of our imaginations (so it can be anything we fear the most), whether it actually exists or not, it might be the last image you'll see before it gets you in it's swamp.

#01.) The Jersey Devil: Out of all the states in the US, the monster had to be spawned from one of the hated states of all (no offence to those who actually live there ^^; ), New Jersey.
Long ago, a gypsy woman, who's a mother of 12 children, was bearing another child without knowing who it's father was since her real husband died a long time ago.
Once the woman was in labor, the newborn baby boy had horns on his head, a long skinny tail with an arrow-tip, and bat-wings on his back, almost like...Satan himself....
Although JD is considered to be a brutal killer that'll kill anyone in his path (because they said that he killed his older siblings and birth mothers), but like Bigfoot, does attacks are rare because the people that said they saw him survived without a scratch.
Real or not, every story has at least 2 different sides, and the story the Jersey Devil being literally a born killer was one sided.
Maybe JD isn't an evil monster, and he didn't just kill his siblings and birth mothers for no reason. Having the looks of one the most hated figures can make anyone feel like a misfit and an outcast.
JD's siblings must've picked on him too far and the birth mothers attend to avoid him because he's an "ugly and evil freak."
And he only killed them for an attack of revenge (and his devil half taking over).

One thing for sure though, the only person JD didn't kill was his mother because she's the one that loved him, and once she passed away, JD now walks the Southern areas of the Jersey states, alone and immortal, waiting for someone who accept him.:(

But if Jersey Devil really does kill people, he would only attack/murder those who are spitting images of the 12 older siblings and birth mothers that rejected him (and I wouldn't be surprised if the cast of a certain "sitcom" of spoiled a**-holes look like 8 of the 12 siblings of JD :paranoid: ).

Oh! And the reason why I don't have a picture of the Jersey Devil is because I couldn't find any other pictures of the half-demon version of JD, which I prefer much more than that weird moose-giraffe...thing…

Honorable mentions:
King Kong
The Nightmares (from the "There's____In My ____" stories)
The Wild Things
The Bogeyman

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