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September 8, 2013
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My Favorite Lion Characters by KessieLou My Favorite Lion Characters by KessieLou
Just for comedy, I'm doing a part three meme of (say it with me) Lions, and Tigers, and Bears. Oh my!

Obviously starting with Lions:

#10.) The MGM Lion: Not exactly a character, but the big cat is a very important icon for the studio. He's been in every opening of MGM movies and all of those Tex Avery and "Tom & Jerry" cartoons.

#09.) The Cowardly Lion (The Oz series): Whether it's the iconic Bert Lahr one from the classic musical film, one of the cartoon ones, or just the original story book one, you just can't have a meme without C.L .

#08.) Lionette (The Jungle King) : Not to be confused with "The Lion King", it's a very under-rated movie and possibly the only original movie to come from an animation studios that makes rip-off movies. I also like Irwin and Maxwell, but I couldn't find any pictures of them.^^;

#07.) Alex/Alekai the Lion (Madagascar movies): Say what you want, but the "Madagascar" films are one of the best/decent trilogies I've seen, and it has a cast of animal characters that I find all likable (though the villain from the 2nd movie and the portray of the penguins and lemurs in their spin-off show don't count).
And Alex was especially cute when he was a cub in the second movie.^^

#06.) Leormon (Digimon): Not be confused with Leomon, but this little guy might be his rookie stage. And who doesn't love a cat with little hair tuffs.^^

#05.) Shiagera (Life and Adventures of Santa Claus): Don't be alarmed she's not gonna eat the baby. "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus" is not to be confused with Rankin Bass' early work called "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," this special is based the Turkish folklore of Santa's origin.
As a baby, Claus was found by the Forest King, and was left to be raised by the beautiful and maternal lioness named Shiagera (and later of one of the forest sprites).
I mostly put her on the meme because Shiagera does remind me of the good mother cats I've seen taking take of their kittens.

#04.) Asalen (Chronicles of Narnia): Can't forget him either. Asalen is the guardian and father figure to the 4 main children (Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy), and will sacrifice his own life to save them.
Funny thing about Asalen's name is that it's Turkish for "lion," so in that case he's literally named "Lion the Lion." :XD:

#03.) Lion-O (Thundercats, both versions): I grew up watching the 70's-80's "Thundercats" cartoon, and I've some of the episodes of the 2011 series from time to time, and I like both versions (although the 2011 one has much smoother and cleaner character designs).
To the 2011 Lion-O's credit, at least he had much more time to develop as a character and leader, the old one just started off as a kid and the next day he's an adult just like (no offence).

#02.) Simba (The Lion King series): Now just because I put "The Lion King" on the lists of being over-rated and have the worst fandom, doesn't mean I don't like the movie itself (though the fanbase is annoying).
I can't deny that Simba is of the greatest Disney characters from the 90's because he has two sides that we can all relate to. Kids can relate to the cub Simba, and the adults can relate to the adult Simba.
Let's not forget his character designs-
From an adorable little newborn, to a playful cub, and to a handsome (by animal and artist standards) adult lion. And kudos to Johnathan Taylor Thomas and Matthew Brodrick for voicing him.

#01.) Kimba the White Lion: Before "The Lion King," the 70's anime was actually the root of the film's inspiration (along with the story/play of "Hamlet" ).
But unlike the Disney movie, "Kimba the White Lion" is actually a TV series, so we can watch the main character, Kimba, grew up and learning the ways of being a great ruler without any parents to guide him, which makes him a more dimensional character than Simba (no offence).
Charming, wise, adventurous, and noble it's no wonder why Kimba is an anime iconic, and the takes the #1 stop on this meme.:)

Honorable mentions:
Lambert the Sheepish Lion
Nero (Looney Tunes)
Leomon (Digimon)
Mufasa (The Lion King)
Brave Heart Lion (Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins)
Nala (The Lion King)
Scar (The Lion King)
Sarabi and Sarafeena (The Lion King)
Kopa (Lion King story books)
Kovu, Nuka, Vitini, and Kiara (The Lion King 2)

Blank version of the meme: sithvampiremaster27.deviantart…

Characters belong to Disney, Dreamworks, Bandai, Rankin Bass, etc.
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