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May 28, 2012
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My Favorite Seuss Characters by KessieLou My Favorite Seuss Characters by KessieLou
My answers to this meme: [link]

10. The Sneetches: Even though their story is based off of racisim and upper-class vs. lower-class, but their story really teaches of us not be a total ass.
Whether we have star-bellies or not, everyone is equal in their own ways and a lot.

09. The Wuzzy Woozoo (Halloween is Griunch Night): Oh! When I saw this cute little furball, he really made the strings pull on my heart.:love:
I just wished he had a bigger part.

08. Horton the Elephant: What can I say about Horton?
He's loyal, a calf-at-heart, and he's best friends to everyone, including a mouse named Morton.
Horton's loyalty does come in good use, after all he was the one who saved the Whos.

And I'm glad that his son, Norton, chose to stay with him, instead of Mayzie
Because she was mean and down-right lazy.

07. The Truffula Critters (The Lorax): I don't care which animals people found more annoying,
The Swamee swans, the humming fish, or the bar-ba-loots
I find them all quite enjoyng
And simply rather cute
If I was in the Truffula forest, I would never chop down the trees,
for the sack of these animals to run wild and free.

Lorax: *about me* Now there's someone who will keep their promise!:)

06. Thing 1 and Thing 2: You can't just imagine one Thing without the other,
Because these guys can do almost everything together.
Whether they clean-up or cause havic in the living room or kitchen,
there is no way of stopping those crazy munchkins.:XD:

O5. The Grinch: Who stole Christmas, scares you on Halloween, and made people's days feel worse
Why the Grinch of course.
But they say that every briar patch has at least a few roses,
And that's the same case with the Grinch when his heart grows.
Sure the Grinch's personality is really rotty,
but deep down, he's a big ol' softie.:giggle:

04. Jojo (Horton Hears a Who): They say actions speak louder than words,
And that was the motto Jojo follow towards.
What does crazy fangirls way to see, it that Jojo is much more than just a cute-face you see.
He's really inspirasional and has a brillient mind, and he longs to see things that were never seen or heard from any other Who kind.

03. Sam I Am (Green Eggs and Ham): Samual Igantius Am taught us not to be so picky,
especially when it comes to food that his neighbor found so icky
With his happy-go-lucky personality so sweet,
having Sam I Am for a neighbor might be quite a treat :D

02. (tie) The Once-Ler & the Lorax: I couldn't choose between these two I fear,
I love both of them, oh so dear
The Lorax reminded me so much of my late Grandfather Earl,
He is so funny, saractic, and his love for the environment will not make you hurl.

As for the Once-Ler,
The movie-version one is much more dimensional than the original and much more lovable-ler.^^

01. The Cat in the Hat: There's absolutely no doubt about that,
My favorite Seuss character of the all is the Cat in the Hat.
So charming, fun, smart, sophistocated, and witty
There no other cat character quite like him, not even Hello Kitty.

Characters belong to Seuss, Illumination Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Universal, and Blue Sky Studios
Meme created by me.
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carlitosbug Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014
Keshia, did you ever read The Cat in the Hat Songbook before in your lifetime?
KessieLou Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
carlitosbug Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014
Cast for Some Sort of Animated Dr. Seuss TV Series
Bob Bergen as The Cat in the Hat
Lara Jill Miller as Little Cat A/Morton the Elephant Bird
Hynden Walch as Little Cat B
Eric Bauza as Little Cat C
Phil LaMarr as Little Cat G
Kevin Michael Richardson as Little Cat Z
Carlos Alazraqui as Sam-I-Am
Jim Cummings as Gus-A-Fuss
Tom Kane as The Grinch
David Kaye as Yertle the Turtle/Breetch Sneetch
Dee Bradley Baker as Mr. Brown/Thing 1/Thing 2/Fleesh Sneetch/Max the Dog/Mack the Turtle/Little Cat P
Grey DeLisle as Ichabod/Gerald McGrew Jr./Boy Cub from Hop on Pop/Gertrude McFuzz
Tara Strong as Izzy/Girl Cub from Hop on Pop/Little Cat N
Jim Ward as Horton the Elephant
Corey Burton as The Zax/Karlos K. Krinklebein the Fish
Rob Paulsen as The Birthday Bird
Maurice LaMarche as Fox in Socks
Jeff Bennett as Mr. Knox
Greg Cipes as Cat Jr.
Kath Soucie as Jane Kangaroo
Eddie Deezen as Junior Kangaroo
Tom Kenny as Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose
Kari Wahlgren as Peach Sneetch
John DiMaggio as The Lorax/Pop from Hop on Pop
James Arnold Taylor as Sylvester McMonkey McBean
Jennifer Hale as Miss Fuddle Dee Dee
Scott Menville as Foot N' Feet
Casting and Voice Director - Collette Sunderman
falcougeplz Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
Pete Pats Pigs
Crossoverfan Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
Grinch, Oncie and the Lorax (I agree with what you said about them both), Cat, Horton (A person's a person, no matter how small!), and Jojo!
KessieLou Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Michaelsar Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012
Say, what Dr. Seuss story do you think should be adapted into a movie next?
KessieLou Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Maybe "Green Eggs and Ham" or "The Sneetches."

If they are going to make a Sneetch movie, I wouldn't be surprised if they make Sylvester MacMonkey McBean look "highly attractive". -_-

What is it with the Seuss movie adaptations trying to make a minor/side characters look "sexy" anyway?

*In the horrible live-action Cat in the Hat movie, they tried to make the mom be a MILF.:roll:

*In "Horton Hears a Who" Jojo stole the show with his mysterious image and being voiced by one the biggest teen-senations

*The Once-Ler in the 2012 Lorax movie practically took over Internet faster than Brain (from PatB) could take over the world, because of his boyish goofball charms.
Michaelsar Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012
How could they make Sylvester attractive? He's a monkey!
KessieLou Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Make him human, like they did in the 70's cartoon short.
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