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August 2, 2012
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My Top 10 MLP Pairings by KessieLou My Top 10 MLP Pairings by KessieLou
The 10 MLP: FiM pairings I like/love.

#10. Trixblood (Trixie x Blue Blood): They are at the bottom of the list because I don't like them, but they are perfect for each other (by nature).

#09. Snipaloo (SnipsxScootaloo): I just thought it would be cute if it happened.:shrug:
And who knows, Snips might grow up to be a handsome unicorn stallion one day.:)

#08. Brarity (Braeburn x Rarity): I saw someone pair them up, and I think they actually would work out as a couple.

After all, Braeburn is a real Southern gentle-colt, unlike that stuck-up Blue Blood.

#07. Pokey Pie (Pokey x Pinkie Pie): They seem like a fun couple.:)

#06. CaramelApple (Caramel x Applejack): Well, caramel and apples go together, and they are not related.;)

#05. Soarin Dash (Soarin x Rainbow Dash): Those two do seem to have a lot of scenes together, and most of the time they at each other with love-sick like faces.

Not to mention in the "Galloping Gala" episode, Rainbow seemed nervous when she tries to talk to Soarin and get his attention.

#04. Carrot & Cup Cake: What isn't canon about them?
And like I said before, the twins are deliciously adorable.:heart:

#03. Spikelight (Twilight Sparkler x Spike): For those who think that there's too much of an age difference between them, if you look at the episode, "Cutemark Chronicles," Twilight was still a filly when she tried to hatch Spike out of his egg.

And there are people here that say that the age order of the Mane 6 goes from Rarity being the eldest, and Twilight being the youngest.

Plus, I did see a few hints between them in the episode when Owlowisious appeared.

#02. Fluttermac (Fluttershy x Big Macintosh): Call it over-rated if you want, but there is still no doubt that they're a pairing that most bronies and pegasisters labled as a should-be-couple.

They are both kind, caring, responsable, and the whole "gentle giant & sweet princess" thing is really a cute idea for a couple.

As for the CheeriMac pairing, well....They only shared one episode together anyways.
And the whole idea of Applebloom and her friends pairing him up with their teacher, that sounds more like an idea some kid would do to get themselves out trouble at school.:hmm:

#01. Shining Armor x Princess Cadence: For those who are saying that Cadance is a "Mary-Sue," and/or think that Shining Armor should be with Queen Chrysalis....

1. Cadence is NOT a Mary-Sue! The last 2 episode are just her debut episodes, and she is important to the episodes.
She's the bride, and was one of the first friends Twilight had in her filly years.

You can't go labeling a character we just got introduce to already.

2. Doesn't anyone remember the lyrics of the "This Day Aria," that Chrysalis (in her fake Cadence disguise) she said herslef that she doesn't love Shining Armor what so ever!?!

And SA was hypnotised by one of her spells.

Chrysalis only wanted to use Shining Armor to take over Cadence's kingdom, and to kill him mentally after draining his powers, and letting the real Cadence rot and die alone in the mine.

Shining Armor and Cadence deserve each other, and they are official a canon couple, no matter what or how much you hate it!

They are two ponies Twilight love so dear (and vise-versa), good-hearted, likable, and noble.

And you must admit that the 2 part epsiodes of their wedding was a much better Season finale than the "Gallopping Gala" episode/Season 1 finale.

I actually hope to see more of this couple in Season 3, and I bet their babies would be so beautiful!:love:

Twilight is so lucky to have those two as wonderful relatives in her family.^^

Characters belong to :iconfyreflye:, Hasbro, and The Hub
Some of the pictures belong to [link] & [link]
Meme base belongs to :X-Melancholy-x:
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ScootFlutterDash 2 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
can you please tell me where did you get the empty one? like you know empty chart
KessieLou 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm afraid that the original creator of the meme deleted it.:no:
ScootFlutterDash 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Alright I just use it as downloading other ppl's charts and covering their shippings with mine Frozen - Elsa Icon 
MlpDerpyHoove Mar 13, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
pinkie should be with cheasy
ScootFlutterDash Mar 10, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
#10 Both villains, what can go wrong here? rofl 
#9 Random shipping..I recpect yur opinion :3 but i do not ship them
#8 Uhmm yeah im shipping this right now..Relax 
#7 Sorry but i dont ship them..i prefer pinkiecord or pinkiespike Depressed 
#6  I don't ship them but they look like a cute couple nothing can go wrong between two farm ponies Slow 
#5 Yes i ship them thanks for supporting this shipping Idea
#4 Canon cause they are married and has two cute little foals Worried  i hope everypony ships them..not getting twist of the plot like other shippings from friends to couples..
#3 YES MY OTP!! :D ;P :meow:
#2 No offence very sorry but this shipping is boring..Sleepy and cute pls dont see this comment as hating <:3
#1 Canon they are married Aww 
Thankeee for getting at least one pairing i dont hate, Shining armorXCadence. Good work I can see you worked hard on this!
ScootFlutterDash Mar 10, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist only liek shining and cadence? mister cakes are married duuh..
twispike is aweosme Slam Head On Table 
triblood both villains and deserves to be shipped 8-) (Cool) 
Soarindash is one of the best shippings ever..they both are in lots of scenes and its totaly love cus the ydanced in gala Lick 
KessieLou Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LunarToxic Feb 17, 2014  New member Student Artist
twilight sparkle and spike are brother and sister sorry
ScootFlutterDash Mar 10, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
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